Software Engineer - Backend

  • Product & Development
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

Software Engineer - Backend

Job description

At inSided, we’re building a next-generation customer success community engagement platform. We are a well-funded and fast-growing company that helps cool companies like Mixpanel, Zapier, Gainsight, Coursera and Sonos. We help (SaaS) companies to engage with their customers on scale, by connecting their community, providing self-service and collecting product feedback. With millions of users, high growth and a lot of innovation it is a great time to join inSided.

What we do

inSided provides a SaaS-based Community engagement Platform that features discussion forums, feedback, news and knowledge base functionality. You can check it out yourself over here:

What we believe in

We have four core values to live by. They make inSided the best place to work.

  • Learn as we grow
  • Never settle
  • Speak up
  • Make it happen 

What's the role about?

We’re looking for passionate and business oriented engineers; code lovers who are wise enough to know when coding is not the solution.

We give our teams autonomy over the software they build and offer the freedom to choose the right solution for the job. In return, we expect you to agree with the principle “you built it, you run it” and we expect that you don’t reinvent the wheel.

We are in the process of migrating our monolithic application towards a microservices architecture. Hence, you should expect to deal with legacy code as well as building new microservices.

We’re constantly striving to be data driven. That means we measure everything that gives us insights we can use to continuously improve. We do that in a Lean way, using Kanban to represent our workflow while we’re using Scrum as an agile framework. We use #noestimates, because we learned that breaking items into smaller pieces is more useful to us than trying to predict their size. Most importantly, we move slowly and steadily towards the goal of becoming a high performing team.




 What you will do

  • Maintain, fix and migrate our monolithic application

  • Build and maintain scalable microservices

  • Collaborate with Product Owners, stakeholders and other Software Engineers to deliver value incrementally but constantly

  • Deliver maintainable, robust and tested code

What you must have to fit the role

  • Proven track-record as a backend engineer — preferably a PHP expert or at least willing to learn it

  • Clear understanding of fundamental computer science and software engineering concepts (e.g. design patterns)

  • Ability to write tests

  • Capable of challenging Product Owners and other stakeholders by asking “why?”

  • Effective at communicating technical ideas to others

  • Eager to keep improving

What you will get

  • Healthy work-life balance, we have flex time and we work from home when we need to, as long as it works for the rest of the team

  • Salary based on your seniority and a path to progress your career

  • 25 days of holiday

  • Budget for books and training

  • Pension plan

  • Office next to the canal in the city center - 10 minute walk from the CS

  • Drinks in our own bar